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Minister. Teacher. Prayer Chaplain. Author. Speaker. 


Rev. Michelle is a bit of a rebel and she brings that independent spirit to all she offers you as Lead Minister of . Whether it’s prayer that’s unique in its simplicity and depth, a specially tailored celebration of life for a beloved being- pet or human, one-of-a-kind marriage celebrations, or classes that inspire, challenge and change you, Rev. Michelle are here to support your own unique and rebellious spiritual journey.

What’s most important to The Rev?
That you are always becoming more deeply conscious of your Oneness with All that Is, God.

Why is Owning your Oneness so Important to Rev. Michelle? 

For two reasons- First, in our world of chaos and unpredictability it’s by being in connection with the intuitive, invisible, sacred parts of ourselves that we’ll be able to stay safe when violence and terror seem constant.


Second, as government, healthcare, education, organized religion and more institutions we used to trust and turn to crumble, the new Leaders will be those who are completely in alignment with their unique expression of divine Truth, and these Leaders will be who we turn to for guidance and to teach us how to more clearly express our own Truth.

What is Rev. Michelle’s favorite way of helping me become this conscious One that’s so important to her?

Helping people discover “What’s My Who?” is her passion, and she does this in workshops, talks, and individually.

Create your own relationship with yourself and Rev. Michelle Hubbard. Email her at

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