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Praying For You

Rev Michelle is in constant prayer and conversation with God. She uses the name God for All that is and its Creator, and invites you to use whatever name or term or languageing feels right for you in your moment. One of Rev Michelle's current other names for God is, LIFE. Feel free to use these prayers whenever you need, and to tweak or change them as supports your evolution. 

Rev Michelle repeated this consistently and often during her darkest time, and believes it helped her to Lighter times....



I'm constantly praying with and affirming God. This is the prayer I'm carrying forward in the new year, feel free to use and tweak as is helpful for you - In One, I am changing the DNA of the health and healing of my body. In One, I am changing the DNA of my thoughts. In One, I am changing the DNA of my feelings. In One, I am changing the DNA of the body of my finances. I now get out of the way and allow this to be so, and so it is, amen...

copyright Jan 1 2023 Rev Michelle

Rev Michelle is grateful for your donations to zelle-

Image by Isabella and Zsa Fischer

People have asked about Rev. Michelle's prayer routine ...

I do and don't have a regular routine so much as I am in constant conversation with God (I invite you to use whatever name for the Divine Infinite resonates with you, and then try on some other names as you evolve. Right now, I'm exploring the energy of how "Source" feels for me and how "God" feels...) I basically talk to God about everything that's going on with me, including my feelings, disappointments, and celebrations.

That said, before I get out of bed in the morning and before I fall asleep at night I always say this - Thank you for this day God, thank you for my life, and thank you for every day of my life to come.

I made up this prayer on the way to work one day when I was still living in Hawaii. It's obviously very simple and short, and you can also create whatever prayer serves you to begin and end your days.

Whenever there is a disaster of some sort- floods, wildfire, earthquakes, war, hostage situation, bombing, virus, etcs- going on that feels so big I don't know how to process it and my heart is tearing apart, I go to the ending of the Prayer for Protection and pray - Wherever the- eg fire, horses, people evacuating etc- is, God is and all is well now.

I will repeat this how many times it takes for my breath to come and my belly to relax.


Most important is strengthening our connection to comfort, healing, rescue, wisdom, etc that comes from beyond our thoughts and limitations. ...Rev Michelle

Rev Michelle is grateful for your donations to zelle-

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