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Leadership Training.
Rev. Michelle trains Leaders who speak and lead as “Love with a Spine”. She teaches public speaking classes and also does individual consulting to help people “Speak Like a Leader- Even if you Feel Scared”. In addition, she’s a law school admissions consultant who specializes in helping nontraditional applicants. Email and explore how you can step into being the Leader you came on the planet to be.

Pet Bereavement.

Pain permeates all areas of our lives as we mourn a pet who had our back and heart when we needed them most. Rev. Michelle offers these ways of being with you as you stand on the threshold of grief –

  • Celebration of Life ceremonies via zoom and in person.  Remember the good times with your beloved pet and celebrate their special presence with friends and family. Service can include a crystal healing bowl, prayer, special testimonials, music, and memories. 

  • 30 days of holding your hand. Rev. Michelle and her team will be with you every day with a phone call, text, email, and prayer… you are not alone.

  • A prayer created specifically for you, your family, and your pet each week for a month

  • Let us know how we can serve you. Email to schedule a free 45-minute call and explore how Rev. Michelle and her team can help you heal your broken heart and begin to create a new relationship with your pet - because love never dies.

  • The BEYOND GRIEVING online video course takes  you on a journey of owning your experience of grief, standing and speaking for yourself as you grieve, and ultimately honoring your grief so much that begin to create a new way of being in the space left behind by your beloved. 

Rev. Michelle Hubbard and are here to serve your spiritual evolution and transformation through these four ministries. All include crystal healing sound bowls, individual counseling and prayer:

Spiritual Support.
Grief permeates all areas of our lives and Rev. Michelle is here for you. Want a celebration of life ceremony- including for beloved pet-need prayer support, want grief counseling, need someone to hold your hand and spirit for 30 days so you’re not alone? Email to explore how she can help you. We’re here to support you in times of joy too! Rev. Michelle will officiate your wedding to make it as special and beautiful as you. Email and explore your possibilities.

Spiritual Education.
Rev. Michelle speaks, and teaches, online and in-person. Check this site for the current list of her
classes and talks. She’s also available for individual spiritual mentoring. Her primary focus is helping
people live their “Who”, not just their “Why”. Email to learn more.

Spiritual support
Spiritual educaton
Leadership Training
Pet Bereavement
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